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HSBC Czech Republic is a part of the global banking and financial organisation – the HSBC Group. 

HSBC Czech Republic provides a range of financial solutions to ambitious businesses trading internationally. The partnership approach offers bespoke solutions that can help take businesses further.

HSBC Group has long history, tracing the origins to Hong Kong and Shanghai where HSBC bank opened for business in 1865. Since then, HSBC has thrived, successfully adapting in times of political and economic turbulence and instability.

HSBC is well placed to help businesses seize these international opportunities. HSBC have a strong capital base, deep expertise in banking and an unrivalled presence in all of the world’s major developed and emerging markets. HSBC aims to be recognised as the world’s leading international bank. 

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HSBC Czech Republic is a trading name of HSBC France - pobočka Praha


Na Florenci 2116/15
110 00 Praha 1
+420 225 377 577

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